Tendonology - Specialist Tendon Treatment for Horses

Tendon Treatment

We treat damaged tendons using unique, patented and tested method. Briefly, this is the basic science of how it works:

Cellular activity and intercellular communication is regulated chemically and electrically and this biological communication process is essential to the maintenance of most physiological processes and is a vital function to repair damaged tissue.  Measurable research outcomes indicate that a controlled and cell specific micro-current application stimulates, restores and optimizes the intra/extra-cellular molecular balance; for example it results in a significant increase in the uptake of amino-isobutyric acid which is essential for protein synthesis and trans-membrane transport. This results in a quicker regenerative cycle which facilitates a speedier and better quality repair of damaged tissue.

Our success rates speak for themselves, however if you would like to speak to someone further about what we can do please either email us or contact us on 0844 879 3374

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Below are two interesting articles on tendon pathology avilable in handy downloadable format:

Tendonology part 1

Tendonology part 2

You might also be interested in applying for treatment. You can do this by filling in the following downloadable forms. Please read all five documents. Documents four and five must be completed and be with Tendonology prior to or at the time of the horse's arrival

Document One: Treatment Process

Document Two: Accepting a Horse for Treatment

Document Three: Grading of Pathology

Document Four: Pre-Treatment Form

Document Five: Treatment Agreement



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