Tendonology - Specialist Tendon Treatment for Horses

Tendon Treatment Process

Tendonology operates primarily as an 'in-patient' based treatment centre. Horses stay for an average of ten to twelve weeks and undergo the following:

  • An Investigation and identification of the underlying cause
  • A thorough biomechanical screen using high speed video analysis and pressure plates where necessary.  An expert remedial farrier is commonly used to attend to any foot imbalances.
  • Diagnosis of the tendon condition using clinical and diagnostic imaging (supported by Sono Site).
  • Treatment of the problem: A unique, patented tendon cell regeneration treatment is applied to address the origin of the condition.
  • The application of a tailored exercise regime to complement the treatment programme (see below)

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The principles for the exercise regime are:

  • Consistency & repetition: little and often
  • Treating the body as a whole
  • Ensuring that any increase in the level of exercise in terms of frequency, intensity or duration, is taken in a step-wise and incremental manner
  • Good shoeing maintaining a short toe and the use a shoe with plenty of lateral and heel support. An expert and experienced remedial farrier is used for this
  • Avoiding aggravating external factors such as uneven surfaces, for example deep sand-based surfaces, small diameter automatic horse-walkers (less than 15m)
  • Treatment process document part 1
  • Treatment process document part 2

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